Broken catalytic converter. What should you do?

The catalyst is broken. What should you do?

The catalyst, also referred to as Kat for short, is an optimal part of the exhaust system in cars. The catalyst has an important task to fulfill. He is responsible for the conversion of exhaust gases into harmless substances. The cat frees the exhaust gases from pollutants. This is equated with the fact that the emission of exhaust gases is greatly reduced and not so high car taxes have to be paid. If the catalyst is defective, this badly affects the environment. You also have to expect higher taxes. What should you do if the catalyst stops working?


What can cause a defect of the catalyst?

Defects of the catalyst are serious problems. Many car owners are looking in Google "catalyst defect change", etc. What causes defects of the catalyst? Its catalyst is no longer able to perform its duties properly when it mixes its chemical mixture with various impurities. In such a situation, a chemical reaction occurs, which adversely affects the effectiveness of the catalyst. Relatively often damage to the catalytic converter itself occurs (for example, consequences of an accident, falling rocks, etc.). That's not all. Even over-greasing the car engine exerts a bad influence on the catalyst.


Symptoms of a defect

There are some symptoms that should be taken very seriously. These are the following signs:

restless idling - it is a very important symptom that certainly can not be trivialized;

a limited power - a loss of power can be in most cases from a certain speed;

Exhaust emissions were deteriorated - the exhaust emissions can be examined at a workshop.


Catalyst defect - change?

What should you do if the catalyst is broken? Catalyst defect - change? This question is asked by many car owners. In case of a defect of the catalyst you have to react as fast as possible. Why is that so important? Let's not forget how the catalyst works. Inside each catalyst, there is a metal or ceramic body that is pulled through with cart. This creates an area on which the exhaust gases that can lead to environmental pollution are treated. If well-understood mechanical influences or overheating lead to the solution of this element, it is possible that deposits develop in the exhaust system. Physical defects in the catalytic converter can cause the exhaust pipe to become clogged. This blockage affects the engine in the car. This can of course be associated with additional repairs.


Change catalyst - cost of this solution

Even if you did not notice any symptoms mentioned earlier, a catalyst failure can be detected at the next AU. If the catalyst is replaced quickly, all associated costs are manageable. But you have to act fast. Only in this way can you effectively prevent engine damage. Let us not forget that you have to reckon with significantly higher costs in the case of motorbike damage.

When exchanging the catalyst, its price varies from model to model. One also has to be aware that in the case of larger car engines one must invest in a larger-sized catalyst.


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