DPF - important information

DPF - important information
Currently, vehicles with DPF are being used more and more often. No wonder! New vehicles without DPF are no longer available! The abbreviation DPF means diesel particulate filter. Often the filter is also referred to as a soot filter or particle filter. The diesel particulate filter was launched in 2000 by Peugeot. The filter has the task of collecting the fine soot particles in the exhaust gas and then burning them.

DPF and its functioning

The DPF, which actually exists in every new car, works on the principle of deposit. The exhaust gases flowing through individual filters are loaded with fine dust particles. The particles attach themselves to these filters. Each soot particle filter is equipped with a special sensor that informs whether the filter can still absorb the fine dust. If the filter has no capacity, the regeneration starts from the DPF. During regeneration, the filter heats up to around 600 degrees C. Inside, all fine dust particles are effectively burned. The process is called burnout.

Why do new cars have a DPF?

At the moment all new diesel vehicles have a particle filter. Why is that so important? The point is that modern diesel vehicles equipped with a DPF can comply with current emission limits. The soot remains in the filter. However, let us not forget that a regeneration process is started regularly. Experts inform that the regeneration process begins approximately every 700 to 800 kilometers. This depends above all on the driving style of a particular driver. In the regeneration process, however, it comes to the emergence of the ashes, which does not get rid of the car itself.

Cleaning the soot filter

If the filter is clogged, it can be cleaned. How is the DPF cleaned? The ash residue is strongly heated and shortly thereafter cooled again. In this process, the ash residue dissolves. Thanks to this they can be removed by compressed air and flushing. Cleaning the diesel particulate filter takes about three days. On these days the car can not be used. So even up to 98 percent of the deposits can be effectively removed.

Exchange of the DPF-s

However, cleaning the filter is not always a sensible option because it can cause further damage during regeneration. In many cases, it would be better to opt for the exchange of his DPF. However, you have to be aware that the change can be very costly. Therefore, it is recommended to buy his new DPF in a well-rated online shop with car parts. You can familiarize yourself with an interesting offer on the website http://www.teilezentrale.de. It should be emphasized that only replacement of the DPF guarantees full performance and functionality. Under the link http://www.teilezentrale.de/category/dieselpartikelfilter-dpf you can find high quality parts for various car brands.