Broken & Blocked DPF

DPF broken. Where can I buy a new DPF at a low price?
DPF is the abbreviation for diesel particulate filter. How does this filter work? He has the task of freeing the exhaust gases of the car from harmful particulate matter. Nowadays, all new cars with a diesel engine have a DPF. Older cars with a diesel model had to retrofit the DPF. Why is that important? Currently, there are strict Euro emission standards. These can only comply with diesel cars with a diesel particulate filter.


DPF broken - common symptoms

There are usually clear symptoms when it comes to a broken DPF . These are the following symptoms:

the concentration of soot in the exhaust gas is higher;
Consumption of engine oil is higher;
Motor performance is worse;
Consumption of the fuel is higher;
white smoke from the exhaust pipe idling;
unstable operation of the engine, a hissing sound;
the DPF fault indicator lights up on the dashboard.
If there are such symptoms, you should drive to a car repair shop. There is no doubt that this situation should not be trivialized.


DPF broken - causes

Many drivers who have already diagnosed a DPF broken think about the causes of such problems. In most cases these are the following factors:

a low exhaust gas temperature causes the soot is not completely burned;
Low quality diesel fuel;
the car is operated at low speed and constant stops;
the filter is regenerated when the tank is almost empty.

DPF broken - buy a new DPF

Basically, the DPF can be repaired. In this specific case, it is simply about their cleaning. The cleaning of the diesel particulate filter can be done easily in any car wash. Not always, however, the cleaning of the DPF is still possible. If the filter is in a very bad condition, it must be replaced.

If you are already planning to change your DPF, you are certainly looking for car parts whose quality leaves nothing to be desired. High costs for diesel particulate filters are responsible for the fact that so many car owners want to buy their DPF in online shops. If you just want to buy a DPF for your car, we are able to recommend you a professional online shop. The online shop offers diesel particulate filters for various car brands. Convince yourself of it now. Visit the page and familiarize yourself with the current offer of the popular online shop:

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DPF change. Cheap car parts

At present, there are more and more online shops specializing in spare parts for vehicles of various kinds. Even if you need a DPF, you can easily order the filter online. It would be best to buy the filter in a renowned online shop, which is rated by its previous customers mostly positive. In the best online shops with spare parts you can buy parts from the most important manufacturers. Whether you need a DPF from BMW, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes-Benz, VW, Ford, Audi, Toyota, Peugeot, etc., you can easily buy them online at a low price. Team